Login: 192.168.I.254 Router Admin Password

Today we are going to talk about the default private IP This article is a user guide to setup your 192.168.I.254 router and many other aspects such as how to login, how to recover username and password etc. It also includes various default username and password of standard manufacturers and issues with IP address.

So, lets begin understanding this IP address.

Introduction to IP 

The IP is a default IP Address used by many of the broadband routers and broadband modems. The router manufacturing companies such as Motorola, Aztech, 2wire, SparkLAN etc using it widely as a default private IP Address. Thus it is one of the IP Addresses reserved for private networks. The internet network authority classified these IP addresses into 5 different categories i.e Type A/ B/ C/ D/ E. is classified as a private IP Address of Type C. Hence, users do not need to take any permission from the authorities to use this IP address as private IP.any users reported that they have faced issues while using this IP Address with their routers. We are doing to discuss how to configure the router using this IP address and other issues while using it.

Restrictions while using this Admin IP

There are many benefits using this IP as a private address as we don’t need to take any permission from the authorities. But there are some restrictions also. One of the most annoying restriction is that the number of connections with private IP Address is limited. You can connect only 254 devices with a router while using a private IP address. 254 sounds a large number but when you count the number of devices associated with each computer, this number becomes small. Thereafter, the number of connections start falling while using a private IP address on large networks.

How to login to

You can log in into the admin page of the IP address. It is very easy and also you can configure your devices to your computer after login. Thus follow these steps to login router.

Step 1: Open the latest version of the web browser on your PC.

Step 2: Move your cursor to the address bar and type Hit the enter button to proceed further.

Step 3: Access Router Page will open with user authentication menu. Type your username and password and then press the enter key to proceed.

Step 4: The admin panel of IP address will be opened. You can now configure the devices to your router after login into the admin panel.

Step 5: You can change bandwidth, network type etc using this page.

Step 6: You can manage the devices connected to your router and also prevent the devices from connecting to your router.

How to change the IP address from 192.168.I.254

Generally, we don’t need to change the IP Address. But if you are facing IP conflicts between two addresses then you can change the old IP address to something convenient. Thus follow these simple steps to change the IP address.

Step 1: Enter the old IP address into the address bar of the browser. Hit enter to open the admin page of the IP address.

Step 2: Enter the login details to login and then open Settings.

Step 3: Click on the LAN tab and then select configure IP address option.

Step 4: Type the new IP address and complete the instructions as given.

Step 5: Login the admin panel once again using new IP details.

How to recover username and password of

Once you have completed the configuration process, change your username and password for security purposes. Its been old habit of most the users to forget the username or password of their routers. Thus it is not rocket science as we can recover it before you drink a glass of water. Use any of the given methods to recover login details.

Method 1: Using default name and password

All routers are shipped with its default username and password printed either on user manual of the router or over the sticker on the back side of the router. You don’t have to panic if you lost your user manual or not having a sticker. We are sharing the standard username and password used by some of the manufacturers.

  • Motorola

Username: admin, blank

Password: password, Motorola, admin, router, blank

  • Aztech

Username: admin, user, blank

Password: admin, user, password, blank

  • 2Wire

Username: blank

Password: blank

  • SparkLAN

Username: blank

Password: blank

  • Billon

Username: admin, blank

Password: password, admin

  • Netopia

Username: admin

Password: 1234, admin, password, blank

  • Thompson

Username: blank

Password: admin, password

  • Westell

Username: admin, blank

Password: admin, password, blank

Method 2: Reset the router to its default configuration

After resetting the username and password from default settings, most of the users forget their login details. Thus you don’t need to be panic as we can reset the router to its default configuration. But you need to reconfigure all the devices again after resetting the router. The best way to reset your router to its default configuration is to use the pinhole button at the back of the router.

Hence, press and hold the pinhole button for about 10 to 15 seconds. Reboot your device after a while and it will accept your default username and password. Thus you need to login back with the help of default username and password.

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Common Router Issues

While logging in or using the IP address on admin page you should take some precautions so that to resist any errors during the performance. Some of the issues are:

  • Power Supply: Unstable power supply may lead to malfunctioning of the router. Thus use a stable source of power supply.
  • Cables and Wires: Use good quality power cables to resist any breakdown of the network in future. It is also advised to opt good wires if you are using the wire-based network.
  • Connectivity: Router signals may work poorly in harsh conditions. Thus always check the router signals so that the internet can work properly.

The Bottom Line

Hope you liked this article, a quick guide of IP address. If you have any query regarding router and IP address, comment us in the comment section given below.