Linksys Router Login Page [Default Linksys IP Username Password]

By | February 8, 2022

If you’re on this page you probably are searching for Steps on How to Login Linksys router, or have other problems regarding the routers from the company. Either way throughout this piece we’ll be covering some of the very basic questions pertaining to the Linksys router; including but not limited to:

  • What is the Default IP of Linksys router?
  • How to reset Linksys Router Password?
  • How to Change Default User Password?
  • How to Setup Linksys Router Login Page?

Why Would you Need to Login to Linksys Router?

There are a number of reasons you may want to do so, for starters you may need to configure the advanced settings, change passwords, forward ports and so on.

Linksys Router Login Method

First of all, you’ll need to access the Router’s web interface. You need to enter the router’s Private IP Address on your browser’s address bar ( URL bar)-

That would take you to the Linksys router login page.

(The exact login page layout may be slightly different based on different router models).

Now because you’re searching for steps to Login Linksys router in all probability it’s true that you’ve never logged in to the router’s interface prior to this.

Hence, the username and password for login would be the default credentials set by the company, which are:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Or if that doesn’t work, leave your username blank and enter “admin” in the password field.

In case both those credentials don’t work, check the router’s carton and/or extra paper documents which come with the router, they normally have the default login credentials for your exact model scribbled down on them.

You should not be logged in to your Linksys router.

What is the Default IP Address of Linksys Router Login Page?

The default IP address is the private IP address of a router which is used to login to the router and access its web interface, which in turn allows you to make changes to the router’s settings.

The Default IP address of the Linksys router is

What is Default username Password of Linksys Router?

The default username and password of Linksys router vary depending on the exact router model being used.

The most absolute bet to get the exact credentials is simply by checking the router’s packaging box, or look for a sheet of paper inside the box which would normally have your default login credentials.

Or the most common login credential is “admin” which is used both for the username as well as the password.

A third alternative is to leave the username field blank, and use “admin” in the password field.

How to Change the Default password of Linksys Router

This question comes up for various reasons, for e.g. “not” changing the Default user pass on Linksys router essentially grants just about anyone access to the router’s settings via the web interface and its private IP address.

Anyone who knows of your router’s brand can login to the web interface and make changes to the router’s settings, including the password.

Or, you probably are a “one password” guy (or girl) and would like all your credentials to be exactly the same (totally not recommended).

Either way, Linksys has made the process of changing their router’s default user pass not only easy but also a minimal-click-requiring process.

All you need to do is login to the web interface using the steps shown above; and then click on “Administration” under the “Management” tab.

(Img. Source:

You need to enter your new password in both the fields; i.e. the “Router Password” and the “Re-Enter to confirm” field.

Linksys doesn’t ask you to enter your current (old password) on this page simply because in order to access this page you must already know the old password using which you logged in.

Also note that after a certain number of characters in your new password, the box where your new password is being entered would stop adding new dots (your hidden password characters) to the box.

This doesn’t mean that it’s not accepting the additional characters, but simply that the number of those dots is “fixed” on the interface, which is a security feature so someone sitting beside you can’t figure the exact number of characters in your new password.

Simply keep entering your new password and enter it again in the next box, and click Continue.

Done. Your Router now has the new username and password you just set.

How to Reset Linksys Router Password?

Resetting the password means resetting it back to its Default state, whatever it was when it came out of the factory before we “cautious” humans made changes to it.

It comes in handy when you bought a second-hand router, or when you forgot the new password set by you.

Fortunately, the process is pretty straight-forward, simply find the “reset” button on your router (it’s located at different places for different models).

Hold this reset button for 10 seconds; and in case of some rare, older models you may be required to hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

how to reset linksys router password

While the reset button is being held, make sure that the “power” indicator on the router is “blinking” which indicates the successful commencement of the reset process.

Final Words

So that’s all about how you can log in and setup Linksys router. If you still face any problems in Linksys router login process, you can comment down below. We will help you with the solutions.

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