How To Make Centurylink Internet Faster in 10 Ways

By | April 19, 2022

Have you been wondering how to make Centurylink internet faster? Are you tired of slow internet speeds and would want to browse and use Centurylink at blazing speeds? Here is a detailed step-by-step guide to make your Centurylink faster!

1. Restart your Centurylink Internet

Restart the router to improve the speed of your CenturyLink internet. If this does not work, the firmware should be updated. If none of these solutions work, perform a factory reset as a last resort.

A restart is a quickest and simplest way to resolve speed issues with any ISP, and CenturyLink is no exception.

  • Unplug both your modem and router from the wall adapter to properly restart them.
  • Allow about a minute or two for them to be disconnected.
  • To determine whether your modem and router have been completely powered down, check that all lights on the two devices are turned off.
  • After waiting for the internet to reconnect, reconnect them.

2. Update your modem to make centurylink internet faster

Occasionally, a decrease in internet speed can be attributed to a firmware issue (which the modem or router’s software

Its latest updates may have resolved the issue that was causing these slowdowns. To update the firmware on your CenturyLink modem/router, follow these steps:

  • Through Wi-Fi or ethernet, connect your phone or computer to the modem.
  • Open a web browser and type “” without the quotes in the address bar.
  • Log in using your admin username and password to the modem’s settings interface. This is not the Wi-Fi password you use to log in. The admin username and password are located on the sticker on the modem’s sides, back, or bottom.
  • To begin, click utilities icon.
  • Select “Firmware Upgrade”
  • Examine the “Upgrade Status” section.
  • If the message Upgrade Firmware appears, continue to step 7 to complete the update.
  • If the message reads “Firmware updated” or “N/A.” There is no available update for your modem.
  • Choose “Download”
  • Conserve the file on your computer.
  • Select “Browse” after it has been saved to the location of your choice.
  • Navigate to the downloaded file and click “Open.”
  • Select “Firmware Upgrade”. The modem will initiate a firmware update, which may take up to three minutes to complete. After installation, the modem will reboot.
  • Wait for all of the modem’s lights to come back on and then open a webpage to verify that your connection has been restored.

3. Reduce the number of devices that are connected

Modems themselves have a bandwidth limit. Each device that connects to the network consumes some bandwidth. When the number of devices on the network exceeds a certain threshold, bandwidth becomes constrained, and speeds slow across the board for all devices.

Attempt to manage the number of devices connected to a network concurrently by scheduling your work and play activities so that everyone in your household has equal access to the internet.

4. Put an end to background activities

Examine the background processes running on your phone and computer.

For instance, the download you paused may not have actually paused, or the video you were watching may have continued to run in the background.

Close any applications that you believe may use the internet, such as torrent clients, the Netflix app, or other streaming applications.

After closing them, wait a few moments to see if your speeds have returned to normal.

5. Reposition Your Router for Improved Signal

Always keep your router out in the open. Place it in an area with the fewest metal objects possible.

Metals interfere with radio waves and can significantly reduce signal strength in some cases. Additionally, walls, furniture, and electronic appliances all block Wi-Fi signals, causing your connection to slow.

If relocating is not an option, purchasing the TP-Link Wi-Fi Extender is a great alternative because it can extend a weak signal to more areas of the home than the router can.

6. Get an Ethernet Cable to make centurylink internet faster

Due to the fact that Wi-Fi signals are wireless and based on radio waves, they begin to lose signal strength as soon as they leave the antenna.

Connect your computer to ethernet to completely avoid this and enjoy a jitter-free experience at high speeds.

While this is impractical for a smartphone or other smart device, using an ethernet cable such as the Orbram Cat8 ethernet cable on a computer or laptop will increase your speed.

7. Improve Your Device’s and Browser’s Performance

It is not always the internet connection that is at fault; sometimes it is the device, the app, or the browser that was having problems.

Update apps and browsers directly from their websites, and check for updates on your phone via the Settings page.

8. Reset the Modem/Router to Factory Settings

Factory resetting your router should be the final step before considering modem or router replacement.

A factory reset deletes all settings and data from the router and restores it to factory default settings; therefore, only perform this action if it is the only option.

Follow these steps to reset the modem/router:

  • Open a browser on a network-connected device.
  • In the address bar, type “”.
  • Log in to the modem’s settings page. The administrator username and password are located in the sections above.
  • Choose “Utilities”
  • “Restore Defaults” should be selected.
  • Next, get the modem back to its initial state by selecting “restore modem to factory default state”.
  • Allow a few minutes for the modem’s factory reset to complete.
  • When it is finished, the LED will turn orange.
  • Rerun the configuration procedure as you did the first time you set up the modem.

The devices that were previously connected to the Wi-Fi network must be reconnected.

9. Deactivate VPN Services to make centurylink internet faster

You may use a VPN to gain access to content located outside of your country or for privacy purposes.

However, due to the inherent nature of how VPNs operate, the connection may experience a significant slowdown.

Therefore, check to see if any VPNs are running in the background of your device and disable them if necessary.

VPNs route traffic through multiple servers to deliver the content you require, and the majority of them will take a less-than-optimal path to the destination, thereby slowing down your connection. Thus, disabling all VPNs is a wise choice.

10. Dispose the Modem/Router

If none of the steps in this comprehensive guide resolves your slow internet, you may have no choice but to replace the router.

Contact CenturyLink and inform them of your problem. Submit a request for a replacement modem. They will mail you one.

Final words on how to make centurylink faster

Centurylink is a wonderful innovation for internet users as it provides extremely fast browsing and download speed. However, what good is it when the Centurylink internet becomes slow? You’d need to know how to make Centurylink faster in these times and that’s exactly all that we have explained in this guide!

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