How to Login Arris TG1682g Router [Full Guide]

By | February 7, 2022

Arris TG1682g is one of the most sold routers manufactured by Arris. If you too got your hands on the device and have questions such as How to Login Arris TG1682G router, this piece should help you with exactly that.

Before you can login to Arris TG1682G router, you’d need the following:

  • A Browser
  • Internet connectivity.
  • The router’s IP address.
  • The router’s default Username and Password.

And here’s what we’ve shared throughout this guide for you:

  • What is Arris TG1682g default IP Address?
  • What is the default username and IP address of Arris TG1682g?
  • How to login Arris TG1682g? [Step by Step].
  • How to change SSID and WiFi Password on TG1682g?

What is Arris TG1682g default IP Address?

The Default IP address is what you enter in your browser’s URL bar to reach the router’s admin-panel. Without knowing the IP address there’s no way for you to get to the panel and make any changes to the router.

This IP address is specific for each router brand, even though some router brands share the same IP Address it doesn’t mean the same IP Address can be used with all the router’s out there.

The TG1682g default IP address is –

What is the default username and IP address for Arris TG1682g?

The default username and password is set by a router’s company. Why so? Well to let you login to the router’s admin panel easily once it has been purchased.

This default username and password can obviously be changed once you’ve logged in. These however, unlike the IP address are more universal. Meaning the same credentials work on most of the brands and models with few exceptions.

This again is another reason why it’s of utmost importance to change them once you’ve logged in.

Anyway, the default username and password for TG1682G are-

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

How to Login to Arris TG1682g Router?

Simply enter the IP address- on a browser’s address bar.

This would take you to the router’s Login page.

See that “username” and “password” field? You know what to do, don’t you? Simply enter the default username and password there.

You’re now logged in!

How to Change Default Username and Password on TG1682G Router?

As mentioned above, the default username and password are common and universal to most routers out there. Even if it may not be exactly the same, there are less than half a dozen combinations which are used as defaults globally.

This makes your router vulnerable to third-parties with malicious intentions. They can login onto your router, change its login password for starters.

Or they may change your WiFi username and password, or add some important sites to the blocked list. Even though all of these can be reset, it can be mentally frustrating and might take quite some time (or even days) before you figure out what actually happened.

Bottomline, changing your default username and password is a good idea.

So in order to change your WiFi details, log into your router admin-panel using the details and steps provided above.

This would take you to the router’s basic setup page. Click on the “Change Password” button.

Clicking on change password would take you to a similar screen as the following screenshot:

Simply enter your current password here, followed by the new password and then repeat the new password once again to confirm it > Click “Apply”.

Done. Your Login password should be changed.


Here are some of the most basic questions related to the TG1682G router.

1. Arris TG1682G default Username and Password not correct.

In case you aren’t able to login using the default credentials, there’s a chance those credentials were changed by someone.

The best solution out of this is to reset the router. Simply hold the router’s RESET button (found at the back of the router) for 60 seconds, and release it.

Or, check the router’s label to see if there’s a different default username and password combo which the router came with.

2. The Login Screen Looks different than Shown in the Screenshots.

That may be so, as the screen is updated regularly and differs based on models. Although either way the same methods/steps described in this article would help you get the things done without any problem.


I’ve covered the most basic steps needed to login to Arris TG1682G router throughout this guide. Do let me know if there’s something more you’d like answered.

Also do change all of your passwords after you login to the router for the first time for maximum security. And note, it’s always a better option to first reboot the router than reset it in order to solve some basic problems.

Aren’t trying to login to Arris TG1682G router? Well than check some other guides we have over here to see if we can help you with your exact router brand and model!

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