How to Cancel Centurylink Internet Service

By | May 5, 2022

Do you want to cancel Centurylink internet service? Are you looking at cheaper options at fast internet and considering quitting Centurylink? Here is your detailed guide to get it going.

What is Centurylink Internet?

Centurylink is a company that provides fast speed internet that is not limited by location or environment.
With CenturyLink, you can get everything from high-speed Internet to cable TV and phone service. Based in Monroe, Louisiana, it is one of the country’s biggest corporations.

If you’ve been using CenturyLink’s services for a long time and are considering switching to another provider, you can learn how to cancel your CenturyLink internet service through this guide.

How to Cancel Centurylink Internet Service

Many people want to know if they can cancel centurylink internet service, but they will be disappointed to learn that they cannot.

CenturyLink customer service is the best method to cancel the service. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., is the best time to do this. Because of this, it is possible that you will be placed on hold for a long period of time. Call-back services are available at many businesses if you don’t have time to wait on the phone for help.

There are a few things you’ll need to do before you pick up the phone. To begin, you’ll need to know who the account holder is. There are a few other things you may need. As a third step, explain why you’re terminating your membership. This will assist them in identifying areas where they can improve in order to avoid further customer churn. To end the contract, you may also need to provide your credit card information.

Canceling CenturyLink’s Services Step-by-Step

Getting rid of your service shouldn’t be a problem. However, the quality of the customer service can vary widely. Please wait for an answer before proceeding. If you want to end your CenturyLink service, there are four steps you must follow.

1. Call their customer care

Their Customer service can be reached by dialing the phone number: 800-244-1111. In order to get in touch with the right person, there are two different customer service lines.

Going to the website and looking at the numbers is the quickest way to discover the correct phone number. Commercial and residential users will be able to choose from the two options.
Talk to a customer service representative about your problem. Aside from a name and phone number, you’ll also need to explain why you’re leaving.

2. Pay outstanding balance

During the time it takes to process your request, you will have to wait in line. When terminating the contract, make sure to pay the outstanding balance. In order to end the contract early, CenturyLink charges a fee.

You might want to wait until the end of your two-year contract before making any major decisions. However, this is not always worth it. Your deposit is yours to keep.

If you signed up with CenturyLink, you may have been asked to pay a deposit. If you pay the early termination fee and end your contract early, you may be eligible to receive your deposit back. Money that can be deposited directly into your bank account is what this is.

Is It Expensive to Terminate CenturyLink Service?

In the unfortunate event that you choose to terminate your contract early, you will be charged a fee. However, waiting out the contract can save you money in the long run for some people. If you have few months left on your contract, you may save money by not renewing your service agreement.
However, if you still have a year left on your subscription, you may be better off cancelling it altogether. The cancellation fee is $200 for a 24-month agreement. Cancelling a 36-month contract early would cost you $300.

How do I return my centurylink package?

The CenturyLink modem must be packaged in accordance with its instructions for return. All of the pieces and equipment you were given by CenturyLink must be in handy.
It is possible that they will charge you an additional fee if you cannot find the modem, router, and cords. In this guide, you’ll learn exactly how to pack your gear.

Getting a rigid, flap-closed box would be ideal. Make sure the router, modem, and any cords are well-protected in a sturdy box before moving. Wrap the products in a cushion and then place them in the box with care. ” Strong packaging tape is a must-have. You’ll need something more durable than scotch tape for this task. It’s best to use packing tape for this.

All shipping and handling will be safe thanks to this sturdy seal. Make a return label and attach it to the package. As an added perk, customers with CenturyLink account numbers can print out a return label directly from the company’s official website. Make sure the shipping label is affixed to the top of the box. The label on the box can be covered with clear tape to keep it dry during transport.

In order for it to be shipped, it must be easy to read. You can drop the package off at a shipping facility near your location. This is the last step, and you should be ready to ship once you have the shipping label.

Conclusion on How to cancel centurylink internet service

Sometimes what we plan doesn’t always go the way we envisaged. Centurylink internet is an excellent internet providing service that offers blazing browsing and download internet speed at any location possible.

However, we understand you may want to opt for any option and cancel your centurylink internet service. Hopefully, this guide has answered all your questions.

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