10.0.01 Admin Router Network (A Guide)

By | May 23, 2022

10.0.01 admin router network is of the most used IP addresses by routers to access the control panel. In this guide, you will learn all what the address is about, its usage and how to login to your router at 10.0.01.

What is a Router?

A Router is an innovative internet hub device that is used to connect multiple devices over a network. There are numerous kinds of routers and brands. However, when a device is connected to a router’s network, it assigns an IP address to the device.

There are two types of IP addresses in this regard: public and private. Public addresses are ones that anyone can access on the internet meanwhile private ones is the local one that the router assigns to every device that is connected to it. This type is not open to everyone on the internet but basically the connected devices.

What is the 10.0.01 IP address?

The 10.0.01 is one of the most popular private IP addresses used by many router manufacturers to identify devices connected to the router through a network. It is the default address employed in numerous broadband routers and internet hub devices. There is also the which is another popular default login IP address.

The IP address consists of 4 items. The first three is specific to the network ID while the last one signifies the unique connected user. The value of the address ranges from 0 to 255.

How to Login to your Router at 10.0.01

Does your router use the 10.0.01 IP address? Then you can simply log in to the administrative panel by following these steps:

1. Connect the device to the router network

  • Firstly, you need to be connected to the router network. Open your mobile phone or computer and turn on the WiFi.
  • Search and locate your router’s network and connect the device.

2. Find your Router’s IP address

As said earlier, most routers use the 10.0.01 but not all. If you are unsure whether yours sue the address, then follow these tips to find yours;


  • Open the command prompt application on your windows computer
  • Then type the IPconfig command
  • Immediately, it will show your IP address

Another way:

  • Search and open the Network and sharing center
  • Tap on connections and then details
  • You’d find the IP address below the IPv4 default gateway column.


  • Check and open the utility window
  • Type in the netstat command
  • Check your IP address.

Finding your router’s IP address on mobile phones is easy. Simply tap the advanced properties of the connected device.

3. Login to the router

Now you have known your router’s default IP address, login by copying and pasting it in any web browser. In this scenario, you are putting 10.0.01 into the search bar.

  • When you do this, the browser will change the address to link format. For example; https:// 10.0.01

4. Fill in login details

After searching the address in the web browser, a dashboard will show asking for a username and password. Now put in the default details from your router and login to the admin panel.

What is the 10.0.01 admin router network Used for?

10.0.01 is the IP address that most routers use to access the admin panel and alter settings. It is popularly used because it is easy to remember. Here are some settings you can change through the dashboard:

1. Change the name of the Router

Most routers come with the typical brand or model name. After logging in to your router at and gaining access to the administrative interface, you can change its name to whatever you like. Additionally, you can rename the Service Set Identifier (SSID).

2. Enable Visitor Networks

Sharing Wi-Fi login information to assist a friend or neighbour is a widespread practice. However, if you wish to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access, you can create a guest network on your router. On the same router, your pals will have access to the Internet, but on separate networks.

3. Upgrade the Router’s Firmware

After learning how to access your router at, you may choose to upgrade its firmware. In some routers, this can be done automatically, however in others, it must be updated manually using the administrative interface.

4. Modify QoS

Through Quality of Service, you can modify your internet bandwidth (QoS). It allows you to set the upload and download bandwidth limits for your network.

What are the default logins for 10.0.01?

Generally, the default login username and passwords for the 10.0.01 IP address is admin and admin.

Endnote on 10.0.01 Admin Router Network

Getting into the administrative panel of routers is different depending on the brand and model. However, 10.0.01 is one of the most popular ones used by major router manufacturing companies. In this guide, we have explained how to log in to your router using the IP address as well as further tips to its usage.

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