Mediacom Router Login [Full WiFi Setup Guide]

By | February 7, 2022

Mediacom may not be as popular as Cisco or Netgear when it comes to their routers, but they still are the 9th largest Cable service provider in the U.S (source: Wikipedia), which does speak for their professionalism and established repute.

If you recently acquired a Mediacom router you must’ve been asking questions like:

  • What is Mediacom Default IP Address / Website?
  • What is Mediacom default username and Password?
  • How to Reset Mediacom router Username and Password?
  • How to Login Mediacom router?

What is Mediacom Default IP Address?

This is the gateway to your router’s admin panel. You can only login to your Mediacom router once you have the IP Address.

It’s the website which asks for your login details and then lets you login to the interface. It’s different for each brand of router, so we curated the one which can be used to login to a Mediacom’s interface.

The Mediacom Default IP address is-


you can also use the more easily recognizable, alphabetic URL to access the page which works the same way the IP address does-

What is Mediacom Default Username and Password?

What the above IP address/Website does is take you to a login page for your router. But you can’t login unless you have the correct username and password,right?

Well here’s the default username and password used by Mediacom-

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Note that these will only work if you’ve a brand new router, and/or the router login credentials haven’t ever been changed manually by a user.

In case the router isn’t a first-hand router, or was operated by someone else before you, chances are the credentials may have been changed.

You can still use the changed credentials if they’re known to you; else you’ll  need to reset the router.

How to Reset Mediacom Router Login Username and Password?

If they’ve been changed, you need to reset the credentials back to their default settings so you can use the default combination to log in.

The reset process is as simple as can be. All you need to do is, locate the “Reset” button at the back of your router. Every router has it, no questions asked.

Once you find it, press and hold it for 45 seconds (differs for each router, but it’s 45 seconds for Mediacom).

Done. You can restart your router and login using the default credentials provided above.

How to Login Mediacom Router?

Finally, down to the question you came here for. Excuse me for the delay but it was important to arm you with all the prerequisites needed to login to a Mediacom router before simply throwing the steps your way.

In order to login to a Media Router, copy-paste the IP Address- – on your browser’s URL bar (the bar where you type website addresses).

That would take you to the router’s web-interface, this is where you enter the login credentials for your router.

Done. You’d now be logged in to your Mediacom router.

How to change WiFi Username and Password on Mediacom Router?

Your router is responsible for your WiFi, and you’re responsible for its security, aren’t you? Apart from the obvious reason of “not wanting to share” your WiFi, it even is a security risk if your WiFi is accessed by other unauthorized personnel.

To say the least, a seasoned hacker can exploit a weak link in your WiFi connection and wreak havoc on your system and may even cause unrecoverable damage.

So it’s always a good idea to change your WiFi credentials, and here’s how it’s done.

Log in to your router’s control panel, and click on the “WiFi” option on the left-sidebar.

This would take you to the router’s WiFi settings page. On the right-pane, you can easily find the “SSID” and the “Passphrase” options.

The SSID is basically the name for your WiFi connection, simply edit it to something that’s recognizable to you. Changing the password too is easy, simply edit the password field and enter a new password.

Or, you can click on the “Generate random passphrase” option to generate a stronger, harder-to-hack password which would comprise of alphabets, numbers and special characters (although these are much harder to remember and hence you should write it down if generated).


This is me taking your leave from this piece on How to Login Media router folks. Well we’ve shared the default IP address, login credentials, as well as the exact steps on how to login Media router. Oh, and also forgetting passwords isn’t an issue either considering how now you know how to reset your Media router, right?

As an added bonus, I also threw in the SSID and WiFi Password -changing steps. Why don’t you hit the share button and share it among your peers. A little love can’t hurt now, can it?

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