IP Login: Default Router Admin and Password

If you saw, read, or suddenly stumbled upon and need to know which gates it opens, you’re exactly where you should be. Throughout this piece we will cover some of the most basic questions regarding login, such as:

  • What is IP Address?
  • How to Login to
  • How to Login if you forget Password?
  • What are the Default Username and Password for
  • Which Routers use

What is as is clear is an IP address, more specifically it’s the IP address of a router’s web-interface. Or in other words, it’s the website using which you can access your router’s web-interface.

The router web-interface is like the router’s settings page, it is how users can make changes to their routers such as changing Passwords, Host names, Domains, Blocking/Unblocking sites and so on.

Now note that you can’t just type- to access your router’s web interface. This IP address is only used by some companies (listed below) and the IP address for your exact router would depend on your router’s company and even their specific Models in some case.

How can you Access Page?

IP addresses are technically just “website addresses”, but in numbers. Every website has one. Accessing them is just the same as accessing a website URL.

So all you have to do is, enter the IP address in the URL bar of your browser, do not prefix any extension such as .com/.org or basically anything else to it. Simply enter the IP address on your web browser and you’ll be led to the login page of your router.

What is the default Username and Password for

The default username and password means the default credentials that your router company pre-configures into your router.

So that when you install/setup the router for the first time, you can do so with ease considering how these default credentials are publicly available on the internet.

Now note that these credentials will slightly vary, depending on your exact router model and company. However we are providing you with a couple options atleast one of these should work in most scenarios:

  • username: admin
  • password: admin


  • username: admin
  • password (blank)


  • username: (blank)
  • password: admin

or in very rare cases

  • username: (brand name) e.g. cisco
  • password: cisco

How to Login IP?

As mentioned above, simply enter the IP address on your browser and it would take you to the router’s login page. Now how the login page would exactly look like varies for each router and company.

However, it always is a screen which looks something like the following screenshot:

Meaning, it will have placeholders for a username & a password field. In order to login, you simply need to enter the credentials (check above for default login credentials).

Once done, you’ll be logged into the router’s web interface.

How to Login to if you Forgot Password?

There may be instances when you forgot your login username and password, and if you changed it from the default values the defaults won’t work either.

In that case there’s a hard-reset switch on almost every router in the industry, regardless of its brand. Just look at the back of the router for the reset switch and hold it for 10-30 or 60 seconds (differs based on router brands, best bet is to hold it for 60, the longest).

(image source: Youtube; DLink Tutorials).

This would reset your router and let you login with the default credentials once again. Although note that doing so will also wipe your router’s all other customization such as WiFi Password, IP address changes and everything else and you’d have to set it all up again.

Which Routers have IP address?

Even though these router IP addresses are exclusive to each router company, at times the same IP address may be used by more than one companies.

For e.g. the IP address is used by:

  • Best Data
  • Diamond
  • Addon.

Common Questions-

Here are some common questions asked related to IP address.

Why Can’t I access

The most common reason is, it isn’t the IP address for your router. If your router has a different IP address it won’t let you access on your browsers.

If you’re 100% positive of this being the right IP address for your router; the other reason may simply be that your internet isn’t connected. Fix that and you should be able to access the address.

Another possible explanation may be that someone, may be an ex-owner or your friend or anyone else changed the router’s default IP address. In that case you may have to reset the router.

Which Browsers can access

Just because it lets you access router web-interfaces doesn’t mean it is browser-specific, meaning the IP address accessibility only depends on your router and its model; not the browser.

In other words, regardless of your browser as long as you have an internet connection and the right router, you can access the addresss on every single browser.

 Can you change the IP address to Something Else?

In case you aren’t comfortable with the IP address for whatever reasons, you may change it to anything else you like or want.

But in order to do that you must first have the right router, login to the administration panel and then change the IP address.


Those were some of the basics I could answer related to Let me know if you’ve got anymore questions related to the IP address.

Also make sure your router really uses the IP address before trying to get anything done using it.

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