Tenda Router Login and Password [Full Setup Guide]

If you have a Router from Tenda, the next couple minutes of your life will help you get settled in comfortably with the same; we’re making this into a Tenda Router Login and Setup guide and will cover some of the most important questions associated with the router, such as:

  • How to Setup Tenda Router?
  • How to Login Tenda Router from
  • What is Default Tenda Router IP Address?
  • What is Default Tenda Router Username and Password?
  • How to Login Tenda Router (Step by step)
  • How to Change Tenda Router Password?

How to Setup Tenda Router?

The first step is getting your router wired up with your computer. On the back of the router, you’d see a number of ports, connect the cable into any one of the Yellow ports.

Tenda Router Setup Guide

Now you need to access the Router’s web interface, enter the following in your browser’s URL bar-

Doing so will take you to a page which will prompt you for a password. Enter “admin” for both the username as well as the password fields. (If you’d like to learn how to change the Tenda Router default password, gently scroll down and we’ve got it covered).

Tenda Router Setup Guide

Use the left sidebar to navigate to Wireless Settings.

Tenda Router Setup Guide

Use the slider to enable Wireless on your router,  and then enter a name for your WiFi connections by changing the value for the “WiFi name” field.

How to change Tenda Router Password

Change the security Mode to WPA-PSK / WPA-PSK2/ or Mixed according to your preference (controls Encryption, simply choose the “mixed” option for strongest encryption). Doing this brings up the “WiFi Password” box; enter the desired password for your WiFi connection here.

How to change Tenda Router Password


Done. Now your router is connected to your system via the Ethernet cables, and you can connect other devices to this router using the Password you just set for your Tenda router.

Note: The exact interface and options may slightly differ from the ones shown in the screenshots above based on your router model.

What is the Default Tenda Router IP Address?

The default IP address on any router is used to access the router’s configurations page like the one shown in the above screenshots.

It is how you make changes to the router’s settings. the Default IP Address for Tenda router is-

Default Tenda Username and Password

Here the Username and Password being talked about are the credentials used to login to the configurations page, you’d notice if you enter the above default Tenda router IP address on your browser’s URL, it’d ask you to enter a username and password.

When you get a router from the factory; it’s configured with the default username and password. In most cases it is:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

or an alternative pair is:

  • Username: (Blank)
  • Password: admin

Note that which of the above pairs would work for your model would vary depending on the exact model.

Tenda Router Login Guide [Step by Step]

Despite having said “step-by-step” I must say the process is merely a two-click process. Here’s how you can Login Tenda Router;

Step #1-> Enter the router’s IP address onto your browser’s URL (Address) bar.

Enter your username and password on the next page.

Tenda Router Setup Guide

Done! Easier than logging onto social media; wasn’t it?

How to Change Tenda Router Password?

As I just mentioned; the router by default has a very easy password which is public knowledge which makes it extremely vulnerable and hence needs to be changed, so that unauthorized third-parties to not login to your router’s control panel and make changes to it.

In order to so, login to your Tenda router by using the steps shown above and then choose “Advanced” under the “Internet connection type” option.

Default Tenda username and password

Select “Tools” from the top-bar.

Default Tenda username and password

On the left-sidebar, find the “Change Password” option.

Default Tenda username and password

And finally on the next screen simply enter your old password; followed by the new password and then confirm it by entering it (the new password) again.

Default Tenda username and password

Done. Simply click OK and your Tenda Router password has been changed.

How to Change Tenda Router Password on Tenda N301v2?

The procedure differs slightly so we might cover that as well; right?

Login to your Tenda Router (the process to do so is exactly the same for any model of the router) and click on “Administration” from the left-sidebar.

Default Tenda username and password

Now simply enter a new password in the “New Password” field and confirm it in the next box.

Default Tenda username and password



So that’s all we had to pour in in this Tenda Router Setup Guide folks. Hope it helped. We’ve covered the basics of how to get started with Tenda router, how to change its password, how to change or set up a WiFi Password on Tenda Wireless Router, and even how to Login to Tenda router.

Obviously, we also shared the Tenda router default IP address. Did you know you can also use tendawifi.com to get to Tenda Router’s login page? Anyway do let us know if this guide helped you, and a share won’t hurt.

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