Cisco Router Login and Setup Guide [Default IP and Password]

Cisco is one of the most popular companies when it comes to tech-related Hardware, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a Cisco router and are digging for ways to Set it up; well that’s what this Cisco Router Setup Guide will help you with.

Throughout this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to Setup Cisco Router?
  • What is Default Cisco Router IP Address?
  • What is Default Cisco Router Username and Password?
  • How to Login to Cisco Router [Step by Step].
  • How to Change Cisco Router Password?

That should get you started with the Router; so without further adieu lets get started.

Note that for this guide we’re using Cisco RV325 Dual WAN VPN router; the exact location of the options and the web-interface design may slightly vary for your router based on the model.

How to Setup Cisco Router?

If you’ve owned any router previously, you already know the answer. Setting up Cisco routers isn’t any different. Simply take two Ethernet ports, connect one from your router’s WAN port to the Modem, the other needs to be connected from any one of the Router’s LAN ports to the Computer. Simple as that.

Once the wiring has been all setup, let’s move on to configuring the router for its first launch (note that even if you do not do this, the router will auto-fill and apply all the default settings hence it’s more like an optional Setup and is only “required” when you wish to set the router up with Custom settings).

Login to the router’s web configurations page (scroll down for Step by step tutorial) and click on “Getting Started  from the left sidebar.

Cisco router setup guide

Then you can choose “Launch Setup Wizard” from the right-pane.

Cisco router setup guide

On the next screen, click on “Launch Now”

Cisco router setup guide

The first choice you’ll have to make is between a DMZ port or Dual WAN port, it’s Dual WAN by default but if you wish to use the dedicated port as a DMZ port simply choose that (if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, leave it at Dual WAN).

Cisco router setup guide

On the next screen, unless your ISP has provided explicit hostname and domain name, leave it at its default inputs or just keep it blank, otherwise enter the details provided by your ISP and click next.

Cisco router setup guide

Again, it’s best to leave the next choice at “Obtain IP Address automatically” unless your ISP provided you with a static IP address.

Cisco router setup guide

The next screen is for DNS server setup, if you’ve specific DNS servers enter them here, or just leave them at the default settings, the router will auto detect the DNS server for your internet connection.

Cisco router setup guide

You’ll have to repeat the above two steps (the IP address and DNS server steps) once more for the second internet connection (if you have any) this is natural despite seeming like you’re being asked to repeat the exact same steps.

Cisco router setup guide

Finally the wizard will show you your connection Summary. If it’s all good to you, simply click on Submit and you’re all done.

Cisco router setup guide

What is Default Cisco Router IP Address?

To setup your Router, or make changes to its you’ll need to login to the router, which can only be done once you have the default Cisco router IP address.

Here’s a list of all the default Cisco router IP addresses based on their models:

  • ESW –
  • RV and WRV –
  • SF , SLM and SRW–

What is Default Cisco Username and Password?

Once you have the IP address you’ll need the login credentials to log into the Router’s web configuration pages. The companies pre-configure these routers with a default Username and Password so users can log in and make changes to the settings.

Just like the IP Address, the default Username and Password too varies based on the models, however it’s one of the following choices:

  • Username: Cisco
  • Password: Cisco


  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


  • Username: admin
  • Password: (blank)

How to Login to Cisco Router Step by Step?

I did promise a step by step tutorial and here it is.

Go to your browser and enter the default IP address for your router (check the list above for your IP address). As I’m using the RV325 model, it is - for me.

Cisco router setup guide

This would bring up the Login page for me, I’ll enter the default Username and Password here and click on Login.

Cisco router setup guide


How to Change Cisco Router Password?

A handful of websites like ours publish the default Cisco username and passwords on the web, which can be accessed by anyone, hence leaving your router vulnerable to anyone who has access to it to make changes to its settings.

It’s just one of the reasons why you should change your Cisco router username and password.

Simply login to the web-interface and click on “Setup > Password”.

Cisco router setup guide

The next screen would simply let you choose a new username and password for your router. Make those changes, and maybe even set a “session timeout” duration (after which the webpage will auto-logout and need users to re-login).

Cisco router setup guide

And click on Save. Done.


So that’s how you configure a Cisco router, and change its password. The other basic requirements of doing so such as the default IP address(s) as well as the login credentials have been shared as well.

Hope it solved some if not all of your problems? Why don’t you throw at us the other problems you’ve still got in the comments and we promise to get you a similarly detailed guide on the same?

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