How to Recover Router Passwords [Full Guide]

By | February 7, 2022

How to recover router passwords? If that’s what you’re here for, you’d in for luck. That’s exactly what we’re sharing in this piece.

As you probably are already aware, there are Gazillions (I’m kidding, probably a couple thousand) router companies and each company has its own router models in the hundreds.

Hence, if you’re wondering “Will my Router company/brand/model be covered in this guide”? Let me tell you, it will be. That’s primarily because the steps to reset/recover router passwords are almost the same for most (if not all) the routers out there.

But first, let us try and address some basic questions such as:

  • How to Find Router Password?
  • How to Recover Router Password?
  • How to Reset Router Password?

Even though those questions may seem similar, I assure you they’re not.

How to Find Router Password?

Before we take things hardcore and reset the router password, let’s assume for a second that you just haven’t “found” your password yet?

By “finding” the password, we mean finding the default password which the router comes in-built with. In case you already know how to find the password, or your default isn’t working, or you forgot your manually-assigned password, keep reading.

Else, this section should help you find your Router Password right away.

Method 1->

The best solution in most cases is to simply check the router’s carton. In most cases, the default password is either scribbled on the carton, or packed inside along with the router.

Method 2->

In case your router carton doesn’t have it, you can either check one of our “How to Login” guides on the D-Link router, Mediacom RouterArris Router, or the many others available on this very site for their passwords.

Or, you can do a Google Search.  Simply go to Google and use this syntax-

“What is your router brand and optionally model default Username and Password?

e.g. What is D-Link Router Password?

The search results will probably get you to a site which will have the login details for your router regardless of its brand and model.

Or, you can just try the following passwords which are the most common default passwords for most routers:

  • admin
  • (blank)
  • password

Method 3->

If nothing works, the final solution is to resort to customer service. Simply call the customer care number (can be found with a simple Google search, or on your router’s carton) for your router’s brand, and ask them for the password.

How to Recover Router Password?

Recovering means finding the same password which exists on a router, without changing it or creating a new one. Now note that not all routers support the “recovery” feature yet, however most Netgear and routers do.

I’ll list the steps to recover the password for Netgear, the same methods should work with most routers (if the feature is supported).

Step 1-> Go to your Router’s admin-page, and when the login popup displays simply click on “Cancel”. This will take you to the router’s password recovery page.

Step 2-> Enter the Serial number (can be found on the rear-end of the router) of your router on the password recovery page.

Step 3-> The router will now display two pre-set questions; these are set by the router owner when setting the router up. Answer these questions.

Your router password will simply be shown to you on the next page if you answered correctly.

How to Reset Router Password?

Resetting the router password means resetting it back to the default credentials. This should only be used when you’ve given up all hope on being able to find your old password.

Resetting also changes all your other settings for the router, such as Firewalls, Port forwards and everything else.

Anyway the reset procedure is the same for almost all the routers so simply follow the steps:

Step 1-> Turn your router one.

Step 2-> Most routers have either a “Reset” button, or a “reset hole”. Press the button for 30 seconds (this differs for each brand, although 30 is a safe number), or use a Pin to pinch the reset hole and hold for 30 seconds.

This will reset your routers and you can simply login with the default username and passwords for your routers.

Final Words

So throughout this guide we’ve shared how to Find router passwords, how to recover router passwords and how to Reset router passwords. Between all three options, I think you should be able to get into your Admin panels using atleast one of them.

It’s just a much better idea to either leave the router password at default, or manually assign a password but save it on a notepad file on the system.

I’m done with this piece, but are you? Did you find what you were looking for? Do let me know in the comments.

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