How to Find Router IP Address [Windows/Mac/Android]

If your last search was anywhere near questions like “How to find Router IP Address?” you’ve landed exactly where you should have. Throughout this piece, we’ll cover multiple ways to help you find your router’s IP address specially for IP Address routers.

Why Do You Need to Find Router IP Address?

I’m pretty sure you already have a good reason or else you wouldn’t be hunting for ways to find your router’s IP address, but the most common reason why someone would want to find his/her router’s IP address is so they can access the router’s control panel.

The Control Panel needs to be accessed so that you can change the router’s settings, including the Username and Password. (Read-How to Login to Linksys router).

Or in case you even have a slightly smart home which flaunts devices such as Wireless Cameras, Wireless Doors/Windows or even Smart toilets you’d need to configure a static IP address from your router for these devices to work seamlessly and that’s another reason why you’d want to access your router’s control panel.

If you’re a privacy-freak like me who employs VPNs and manually configures their connection Protocols in that case too the router control panel comes to the rescue.

Or hey simply need to change your WiFi’s username and/or Password? Router control panel needed again!

Bottom line; if you have a router it’s pretty hard if not impossible to keep using the router as per your wish and command without accessing the control panel, and that can’t be done unless you know your router’s IP address.

Now note that each brand of router has its own IP address, throughout this piece we’ll walk you through methods of finding your router’s IP address on a number of devices as well as systems.

How to Find Router IP Address on Windows?

If you’re a Windows user (works on most versions, including Windows 7 & 10).

Method 1: Find Router IP on Windows using CMD

  • Launch Command Prompt by typing “CMD” in the search box (click on the “Windows” icon on the bottom-left of your system and you should find a search bar there); or you can also type the whole thing- Command Prompt.

  • It would bring up something like the following screenshot:

How to Find Router IP Address

  • Simply type “ipconfig”  on the command prompt without changing anything anywhere and hit Enter.

How to Find Router IP Address

  • Your router’s IP address is the IP address listed right next to the “Default Gateway”

How to Find Router IP Address

Method 2: How to Find Routers IP Address on Windows Without Using Command Prompt?

Chances of the Command prompt being unavailable are next to none, but there may be times when you can’t or don’t want to use the CMD prompt; in that case, the following method can be used to know your Router’s IP address.

Note that the same method works both on Windows 7 as well as 10.

Go to your system’s Search Bar and type “Network and Sharing Center”.

How to Find Router IP Address

Launch the Network and Sharing center and it would show you your internet connection; in my case I’m using my Redmi device’s WiFi to do so; in your case it may be “Ethernet”  (if you’re wired up physically to the router) or you’ll just see the router’s WiFi name; either way click on the connection.

How to Find Router IP Address

A Popup would show itself, click on “Details”.

How to Find Router IP Address

Locate your “IPv4 Address”, that’s your Router’s IP Address.

How to Find Router IP Address

Finding Router’s IP Address on MacOSX

If you own a MacBook, you’d need to get to the system’s “Network Preferences” in order to know your Router’s IP address.

That can be done by clicking on the Wireless icon on the desktop, and then selecting”Open Network Preferences”.

How to Find Router IP Address

On the next windows; select which adapter is being used to connect to your router. Again, if you’re hardwired into the router it would be “Ethernet”; or if you’re using WiFi simply select that.

How to Find Router IP Address

Then click on the “Advanced” tab on the right-pane of the popup.

How to Find Router IP Address

Next, locate the TCP/IP tab from the top-bar on the next screen, clicking over there would display your router’s IP address which should be displayed right next to “Router”.

How to Find Router IP Address

Method #2: Find Router’s IP Address on MacOSX

Another method which lets you can access your Router’s IP address is simply click on “Utilities > Terminal” on your Mac.

How to Find Router IP Address

Type this exactly in the terminal- netstat -nr | grep default

Your router’s IP address would be displayed next to “Default”.

How to Find Router IP Address

How to Find Router IP on Android

According to StatCounter; 48.98% of the world population who accessed the internet last year; did so from a Mobile device, so it’s only fair for us to assume you’re on a Mobile device and still need your Router’s IP address, right?

So here’s how you can find router IP on Android Smartphones.

Simply go to your device’s Settings > WiFi

How to Find Router IP Address

Then click on the router network you’re connected to, which would bring up a similar screen:

How to Find Router IP Address

Search for “IPv4 Address” or on some devices just “IP Address”; that’s your router’s IP address.

Wrapping Up

So far we covered dual methods to get to the router’s address both on Windows, as well as Mac devices, even the Android devices have been included so as to get away with any discriminatory charges.

I’ve tried my best to make the steps as simple, straight-forward and detailed (with the screenshots) as possible. Hope you found the answer to How to Find Router’s IP address? Do drop your two cents if this helped you.

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