IP Login: Default Router Username & Password

By | February 7, 2022

Routers aren’t all that complicated by themselves. What makes them complicated is terms like “IP Address”, “Admin Panel”, and other such not so non-geek friendly phrases. In the same lines, you may have come across  “” and have wondered what that is.

By the end of this article, I”ll try to curb all your doubts regarding and throw in couple extra tidbits. Here’s an outline of what you’re in for:

  • What is
  • Which Routers use 192.168.I.1?
  • What is default Username and Password?
  • How to login and Change WiFi Username and Password

What is

It’s an IP Address. (What on Earth is that?) It’s the same thing as a website address (URL), but in a numerical form. Every website has an alphabetic form and a numerical form.

The alphabetic form is easier to remember, share, market and basically in every other way for humans. While the numerical form is how the Internet and computers see and remember websites as.

Now, is an IP address for a very specific webpage of some routers. Specific because it lets us access the “Admin Panel” of the router.

This in a way is the “Settings” page which lets you configure anything and everything related to your router such as Passwords, Ports, Firewalls, Restrictions and so on.

You’d need the Username and Password in order to login to this Admin panel and make changes to your router (which we’ve shared in the later sections).

Which Routers Use

Before you can login to the Admin panel of your router, you need to know if your router uses this IP address as its web-panel gateway to begin with.

Because not all routers use as their login IP address. This is specific only to the routers of some companies. This IP is primarily used by Linksys Routers.

Furthermore, this address also depends on the exact “model” of the router. As in, not all Linksys routers would use as their IP address, and it may differ for some.

Although here’s a brief list of some of the models which do accept as their login IP address and we’re sure of it:

  • WRT54GP2
  • PAP2 / PAP2V2
  • WRT54G
  • ETHERFAST/DLS routers.
  • AP 1120.

Note that this list isn’t all-inclusive, hence if you own a Linksys router there’s a pretty strong chance the IP address should work for you.

What is Default Username and Password?

In case you’ve never changed these values manually, the router company sets the same username and password for each of their routers (varies according to model).

Even though every router company has its own set of default values, for each individual model; the general combinations for most companies is about the same.

Hence here are the default credentials (one of) which should work for your Linksys router regardless of its exact model.

  • Username: admin / Password: admin
  • Username: (blank)/ Password: (Blank)
  • User : (blank) / Password: admin
  • Username: comcast / Password: 1234 (Specific to COMCAST routers).

How to Login [Step by Step]

So now you’re armed with the default username and passwords. How exactly would you access the login page?

It’s as easy as launching a browser (any web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, I.E, Safari etc). and entering - in the URL-bar (the location where you enter a website’s address).

Upon doing so, you’ll be redirected to a page which will have a “username” and “Password” field. This is where you ought to enter your default login credentials.

Now note that this page would look slightly different based on your exact router brand and model. Also, on some pages (as on mine – Linksys EA6700) there’s no “username” field, hence only enter the password here.

Done, now you should get access to the admin-panel, which would look somewhat like the following screenshot and would let you make critical changes to your router.

How to Change WiFi Username and Password on

One of the most basic reasons why people wish to access their routers’ admin-panels is to change/edit their WiFi credentials.

Well here’s how to change it on the Linksys EA6700. The process will slightly differ depending on your model, however the outline remains the same; find the identical/similar options and make similar changes.

Click on the “Wireless” option from the left-sidebar.

Select the “Wireless” tab, and click on the “Edit” button.

This would unlock the editing feature, now simply replace the “Network name (SSID)” and “Password” Values to change the username and password for your router respectively.

Done. Simply save these settings. If your router allow dual-band credential editing like mine does, repeat the exact same procedure with both its bands (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) to change the values for both.

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So that’s a wrap. We talked about what is,  the routers which use it, the default credentials, and even a step-by-step guide on how to Login, as well as use the IP address.

Do let me know if you feel this guide answered some of your questions; or even if you still have some left. The comment box is all yours.

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